Save Money by Reducing Drug and Medical Expenses

This article provides many useful tips on reducing your drug and medical expenses. One easy way to have more money is to reduce your living expenses. Thus by using a little time and effort, you can save money that otherwise might be spent needlessly.

Choose the appropriate health insurance

The health insurance you choose should fit your expected needs. If you are single and in good health you can lower the premiums by opting for higher co-pays. If you have a family, you may want a lower co-pay and broader coverage, because you expect to need frequent medical care.

Your employer may provide a health insurance plan that you can join.

There are also Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) that are connected to the U.S. government Medicare program. You can get more information at the official Medicare website. You also can telephone Medicare at 1-800-633-4227 to talk about the program or request the current “Medicare & You” handbook.

Get low-cost dental and medical services

Dental schools may offer free or low-cost dental services from students.

Certain clinics may offer lower-cost medical care than regular physicians.

A general practitioner or primary care physician (often known as a “family doctor”) can handle most of your medical needs and can refer you to a (more expensive) specialist when needed.

Sometimes you can negotiate the cost of your treatment before receiving it. Moreover, you may ask the doctor not to order any tests that aren’t really needed. (Because of malpractice lawsuits, doctors in the United States are often forced to practice “preventative medicine” to lessen the chances of being sued.)

Get low-cost drugs

Physicians get free drug samples from the drug manufacturers. If you are prescribed a certain drug, ask the doctor if any free samples of that drug are available.

Ask your doctor to prescribe generic drugs if they are available. These drugs usually are cheaper than brand name drugs, but supposedly are just as effective.

Rx Outreach(r) — This website has certain drugs available for low-income individuals and families. You purchase a 180-day or 90-day supply at a time.

Is alternative medical treatment safe?

Some people are choosing alternative medical treatment, either because it is less expensive or because traditional medical treatment does not seem to help them.

However, it does no good to save money if the alternative medical treatment isn’t safe or doesn’t take care of your problem. I recommend that you carefully investigate any alternative medical treatment before using it.

Join the Medicare Part D drug program

If you are on the U.S. government Medicare Part A or Part B, you may want prescription drug coverage under Part D. This is where an insurance company pays for part of your prescription drugs. The premiums for this insurance are deducted from your monthly Medicare benefits. The rules are somewhat complicated (well naturally, it’s a U.S. government program, after all).

During the applicable enrollment period, you apply for this program and select your insurance provider. In general, this enrollment period is between November 15 and December 31 each year for new applicants. It is between January 1 and March 31 of each year for existing members of the program.

You want an insurance provider that covers the prescription drugs that you are already taking or that you are likely to need in the future. The insurance providers available to you depend on where you live. You probably can find an appropriate insurance provider by going to one of the two websites below:

Medicare — The official U.S. government website.
Part D-Medicare — This is a private website, but it may be easier to use.

You also can telephone Medicare at 1-800-633-4227 to talk about the program or request the current “Medicare & You” handbook.

Prevent injury and sickness

One of the best ways to lower your drug and medical expenses is to adopt a lifestyle that lessens the chances of injury and sickness. Following are some examples:

Avoid dangerous activities, if possible.

Avoid hazardous occupations, if possible.

Avoid junk foods (candy, soda pop, and sweet treats).

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Get help if you are abusing drugs and want to get off them. (You might try contacting Narcotics Anonymous.)

Get dental and medical checkups on a regular basis.

Get some exercise and fresh air frequently.

Give up alcohol and tobacco. (If you need help, try contacting Alcoholics Anonymous.)

Keep your weight down (if you have to keep buying bigger clothes as an adult then you probably have a weight problem).

Seek medical treatment when needed

If you have an injury or illness get it taken care of before it gets worse. The longer you wait the more expensive the treatment. If you think you can’t afford treatment, try to find some low-cost clinic that you can afford.

If you have a serious illness, it can be very dangerous (and eventually expensive) to try to treat yourself. It’s usually better to see a doctor or go to the emergency room in a hospital.

Medical Silicone – More Than Breast Implants, a Breakthrough Material for Medical Devices

Science continues to evolve and improve and this has been evidenced by silicone. It used to be that silicone was used for breast implants but today, science made progress and silicone is more than just for breast implants, since medical silicone is used for various purposes in the medical field. Silicone molding has been employed in surgery for the past few decades and has been a successful medical innovation all over the world.

One reason why medical silicone has been successfully used as surgical implants is because the material is proven to be safe for the human body to accept without causing the body to react to or reject the material. With this fact, biomedical engineers continued studying it and have found that the material can be safe to use as surgical aids. Since the introduction of the medical silicone, there’s no denying that the new material is great for a number of purposes such as for joint replacements and catheters. Catheters made from silicone are now more preferred to be used in the medical setting since it is made to be disposable. This proves that the new material is an excellent substitute for the old types of catheters which need to be sterilized and used all over again. For the new one, it simply needs to be discarded right away after use.

Silicone is the new favorite material that is not only popular in surgical, biomedical and medical industries, but even in electronics and industrial field as well. For medical purposes, silicone can be used for knee cap and hip joint implants since it does not trigger a bodily reaction when introduced into the body. Silicone molding can also be used for routine medical checkup. As for the electronic purposes, you will be surprised that the material that was once popularly used for breast implantation can now be found in computers. Even microchips can be made out of silicone as well. See, silicone is not only made for breast implants!

Today, silicone is used not only for aesthetic appeal for those who wish to enhance the size of their breasts. Aside from the aesthetic purposes, it serves as a medical aid to save the lives of people. These are some important reminders must be remembered before engaging into any cosmetic surgical. You can now think differently about silicone and think of it as the medical breakthrough which can help a lot of people.

People Need Medical Billing Service

Medical Billing Service is important for the individual as they are greatly helpful for the individuals. Basically people after a long illness, surgery, accidents submit the medical bill to their office to claim the amount of the bill. They incurred a lot of expenses on their medical treatment. They want to recover the medical expenses for the monetary loss. The recovery of the such bill is almost like the compensation. It is greatly important as it relates with the employees monetary loss.

The every detail of the medical expenses is there in such kind of bill. The medical bill should be informative enough to represent the expenditure thoroughly to the management or proprietor. It is beneficial to the management also as they can take the necessary decisions how much amount of the bill they should compensate for the employed or should they sanction the full amount of the bill for the compensation. It helps to give monetary support to the employees.

Medical Billing Service is important in the corporate sector. This is used for the sake of the employees. If there is any major medical treatment or surgery or any medical checkup that includes lump sum money should be placed in this sort of bill and submitted to the authority for getting compensation. The service for such billing is necessary as it can change the financial condition of the employees. The financial condition gets damaged after a lot of medical expenses so medical bill can be a helpful thing to recover the financial condition.

Medical Billing Service is a feature which is there in the corporate sector. Every company should have mediclaim facilities. If any employee gets huge monetary loss due to medical expenses he has the right to get the compensation due the medical expenses. It helps to maintain their financial condition. It is mandatory to make provision for the mediclaim because it is mentioned in the companies Act. This Service is done by the management authority. They sanction the bill to re compensate the expenditure.

Term Life Insurance With No Medical Check Up

Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam?

Term life insurance with no medical checkup or, “non-med” life insurance policies are very popular now as insurance companies continue to look for more ways to differentiate themselves in the market. These types of policies don’t require a medical exam, so the policies are issued much quicker than a traditional policy. There is a trade off though. These policies typically come with a higher premium than standard insurance policies. This is mainly because the insurance company is taking a little bit of a risk by issuing a policy without a full medical exam.

Is term life insurance with no medical exam right for you? It might be worth it to pay the higher premium if:

o You do not want to go through with a physical or you are afraid of needles.
o You would like to get coverage quickly, sometimes in as little as 24 hours.
o You choose a return of premium rider, meaning that you’ll get all of your premiums back at the end of the term

What Are the Qualifications?

The insurance application will have a health questionnaire to find out about your health history. These questions determine whether or not you qualify. Each life insurance company has its own underwriting standards, but some examples of the questions that a company might ask on an application are:

o Your height and weight (to determine your body mass index)
o Your health history (do you have a history of cancer, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.?)
o Your family’s health history (because of the role of genetics)
o Your driving history (have you had any speeding tickets or a DUI?)
o Medications you currently take

Can’t I Just Lie On An Insurance Questionnaire?

The answer to that is an astounding no. Since insurance companies know that not everyone will be truthful, they will verify your answers with information available through various databases. With your permission only, the life insurance company will check your answers against information that is available through the Medical Information Bureau, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and prescription databases. If you are generally in good health, then you should get approved for a term life insurance policy with no medical check up very easily. The best way to get a low rate on term life insurance with no medical exam is to do some comparison shopping first. With some basic health and family questions answered you will be well on your way to getting the coverage you are seeking.

Reasons You May Need a No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance is more of a possibility these days, However, taking life insurance coverage is a matter that often requires insurance applicants to undergo a medical exam. It is based on medical exam results that insurance providers determine the risk status of an applicant more effectively and whether to offer or deny them coverage. Unfortunately, an exam is something most people would rather do without when buying insurance because they fear being turned down or paying a fortune for insurance, because of their medical history or pre-existing medical conditions. Therefore, insurance without an exam can be favorable for people who cannot get conventional plans because of their age or health condition. The reasons for choosing no medical exam life insurance include:

· Peace of mind

Exams prior to getting insurance have often proven an impediment to people who are unable or unwilling to take the test. However, it is worth noting that not every insurance provider requires you to have a medical checkup to be qualified for insurance coverage. A good non-medical plan allows you to get insurance without undergoing a medical exam. The fact that you can insurance coverage without a fuss can contribute significantly to your peace. Furthermore, such a plan will no doubt offer you desirable peace of mind, knowing your love ones have a good financial security, in the event of your untimely death.

· Short approval process

Many people live the fast-paced life that is characteristic of most modern societies. As a result, creating time to undergo a medical exam is simply not going to happen. Furthermore, some insurance shoppers find themselves in a situation where they need insurance right away, for various reasons- perhaps to get a loan or to get insurance before travelling or before reporting to a new job. Under such circumstances insurance needs to be sorted out fast without any hassle, and whatever the reasons for not taking an exam, no medical exam life insurance policy is a perfect solution.

· Guaranteed acceptance

Any young and healthy person is automatically qualified for any such policy. In addition, these types of plans are recommended for people who are unable to obtain insurance coverage through other ways because of various risk factors, including old age, unhealthy lifestyle, pre-existing conditions and health complications. Therefore, if you have a terminal illness but interested in having insurance to cater for your final expenses, including medical and funeral expenses, a non-medical plan could be worth the time.