The Basics of Getting Insurance With No Medical Exams

Probably as you were shopping online for life insurance, you came across life insurance with no medical exams. You could have thought the offer was a rip off. However, you need not worry; there are many leading insurance companies in the industry offering life insurance that does not require medical exams. As the name suggests, there is no medical exam or assessment required with this type of policy. This makes the plan appealing to persons who are unwilling and/or unable to go for a medical checkup. In order to get a suitable product, check the terms & conditions and qualifying standards. The basics of getting this type of policy include:

· Make an application

To get the life insurance with no medical exam, you can make your application online or by phone. You will be required to give honest answers to several basic questions, including your age, gender, weight, height and lifestyle. Some of the service providers may require you to submit relevant information pertaining to your health status and other medical records. Once you submit your application, you can expect to receive a response in a matter of a few hours or days.

· Obtain quotes

When you submit your application, the insurance company will provide you with free insurance quotes. The quotes contain all the information pertaining to the policy and coverage you are seeking to buy. It is your right to either accept or refuse the plan. Insurance quotes come handy in comparing the prices of different products offered by different insurance companies. Therefore, it is advisable to compare the offering of several service providers before buying a product. This goes a long way in getting the right coverage at competitive rates.

· Qualification process

Once the provider has received your personal information, the company’s personnel will evaluate the responses in order to qualify you or deny you coverage. Your application could be approved or rejected based on other variables and not necessarily your health. However, if you can provide prove that you are in perfect health; you stand to benefit from lower premium rates. Normally young and healthy people receive guaranteed acceptance. With this type of policy, applicants are advised to give accurate answers. If you provide incorrect or false information, there will be sufficient ground for the service provider to deny you coverage.

· Submit your payments

Once you have submitted your application and have been qualified by the service provider, you can accept the policy and start paying for it. You can choose any mode of payment- only make sure it is safe, convenient and acceptable to the insurance company.

Taking on the Immigration Medical Exam? It Could Be Smooth Sailing!

In order to be able to test whether you fall into a category of inadmissibility on health-related grounds the US Consulate or the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, (USCIS) conducts an Immigration Medical Examination or the Green Card Medical Exam. The examination will include a medical checkup by a doctor who has to be approved by the U S Consulate or USCIS. The exam is applicable for both adult and child applicants.
Care has to be taken that your family physician or doctor cannot conduct this medical exam, unless he or she is on the USCIS list of approved Civil Doctors. A certain amount of stipulated fees will have to be paid for the Green Card Medical Exam.


The doctor will examine you, ask relevant questions, take a blood draw and also if needed, take Chest X-rays. There is generally no need to fast before the blood draw is taken.

The main reason of conducting the medical exam is to ensure that you do not have any serious diseases, mental problems, serious health conditions or drug problems that would make you inadmissible to the United States.

The doctor will also make sure that you have received all the required vaccinations. The USCIS Civil Surgeon will not be in a position to state whether there are any health conditions which fall beyond the purview of the Immigration Medical Exam requirements.


There is no official list of diseases or disorders related to whether the applicant is inadmissible. It is up to the examining doctor to decide whether your condition and behavior is likely to be a threat to property and safety of others. There are some diseases that are considered as “top suspect” and these include infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, sexually transmitted disease and other untreated venereal diseases. Hansen’s disease (better known as leprosy) is also another top disease on the list of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Center removed HIV from the list in January 2010.

If you as an applicant have an illness that is of trouble to you but does not affect, infect or harm others, such as cancer, certain mental illnesses or heart disease and high/low blood pressure you will not be inadmissible on immigration grounds. But it may be probable that you could be found inadmissible because you may require need-based government assistance (in other words, government welfare), as you may not be in a position to work and have access to medical insurance.

A Complete Guide to Getting Your Pilot Medical Certificate

You’re going to find that every aspect about the private pilots license program is very strict and there is no forgiveness in any aspect of the rules and regulations. This is understandably so considering that you are going to be thousands of feet in the air and should something go wrong there is no one there to help you.

This is why you will find that the FAA. is adamant when it comes to the medical qualifications that are required in order for you to successfully get your pilots license. To begin with what you are going to have to have is a complete medical checkup. This is not something that’s going to be done by your regular doctor either. Any doctor that has been given the credentials by the FAA is claimed to be an aviation specialist and therefore is the only one qualified to do these types of examinations.

The reason for this is because these doctors are familiar with every aspect of the requirements of a pilot. Your regular family doctor may think something is insignificant to where it could be critical when it comes to flying, and this is the reason why you must use a doctor that is accredited for the pilots examination.

You have a little bit of time before you are going to have to present your medical clearance, but the moment that you decided that you are ready or you are classed as being ready to fly on your own, then you have to have your clearance.

Probably the best thing to do though would be is to cover this aspect of your course prior to even starting or paying your tuition. Many times it’s been discovered that a pilot as a health condition that they weren’t aware of and by this time they are at least a quarter of the way through their course. They have already spent a great deal of money only to find out that they are not going to be able to continue.

It will be your responsibility to find the appropriate doctor that’s going to carry out your examination. There is a list though with the FAA in case you have difficulty finding one. Most likely told the school where you are learning will be able to make some recommendations to you.
There is lots of things that you are going to be put through when you are being checked out by this doctor. He’s going to take a look to see how your sight is and how well you can hear. Balance is important and there can be nothing wrong with your nose or throat. Your lungs will have to be clear as well. In addition to this the doctor will have to be content in knowing that there is no type of addiction to either drugs or alcohol and that there were no mental issues and you have not suffered from epilepsy. You would not be able to fly if you had diabetes or any problems with your heart either.

You will have to pay the going rate for this physical exam.

The type of exam from a medical standpoint will depend on the type of license that you are going for. They all have different standards and requirements. For example a pilot that is going to be making a living at this trade will find that the rules are far more stringent than a pilot that is only going to be flying privately.

Reasons on Why You Should Go to a Medical Checkup Every Year

Most people are afraid to go the doctor for even a check up. This in turn can cause a more frequent visit to the doctor’s office as a result of bigger complications that may go unchecked. It is best that after the age of 35, you go to a medical check up once a year and after the age of 50, you should go to a medical check up two times a year.

A medical check up will involve the drawing of blood and urine, measurement of your vital signs, an x ray of your cardiovascular system along with several cardiovascular tests that try to determine the state of your cardiovascular system and your arteries. However, although this process may seem frightening for some, it can be an important lifesaver for the future for the following reasons.

Medical checkups are designed to protect you from serious diseases before you have them. You might be genetically predisposed toward certain diseases just because you may have had them in your family. Hence a medical check up can provide an early diagnosis system to steer you away from any trouble before it occurs.

Some terminal diseases such as pancreas cancer can onset suddenly and without any warning signs. Hence by the time that you know you have a problem, it can be too late to do something about it. Thus in instances like these, it is best that you know about the disease in its primary stages. Many forms of cancer and fatal illnesses are treatable nowadays as long as they can be diagnosed very early.

At the worst, even with a terminal disease like AIDS, it can be kept under control with early diagnosis. Don’t forget that the warning signs and symptoms can be felt too late with some diseases.

A medical check up will also allow your personal physician to have a complete history of your medical background. Thus if and when you have a medical complication, these previous medial check up reports of your healthy self can be used as a baseline on which to form a prognosis.

A medical check up is also a good way to get acquainted with your body. This way you will be more health conscientious and thus you can live in harmony with your body. This can also help you to get into a habit of healthful dieting and daily exercise as you become more health conscientious.

Relaxing The Rules: The Benefits Of Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam

For a long time, insurance has been a reserve for the rich as companies stuck to the old method of making money by targeting high value customers. This has worked for them for a long time until the recession hit and before that the rich vs. poor gap became wider with the poor people becoming more than the rich. In such an atmosphere, anyone with a business mind will notice the potential of the large market. The logic is if you targeted the large market with affordable items, the fact that it is a large market will enable you to meet your expenses and at the same time make money from the small collection.

This model of doing business has been adopted by many major companies and has leveraged the dwindling population of wealthy people. When it comes to insurance, the industry has changed and decided to take on what most people would say are business risks but they do this by spreading their risk. These risks are in form of products that were never considered before. Products such as getting a life insurance with no medical exam were unheard of due to the fact that most clauses insisted on getting this policy after you were declared to have a clean bill of health.

What is this policy?

Life insurance with no medical exam is a cover that allows you to pay premiums for life insurance without having to go through grueling and sometimes-invasive medical exams before the company can determine what type of risk you pose and how much you need to pay for your cover.

How is it helpful?

  • Since there is no medical checkup, it means anyone can get this cover. People who suffer from life threatening condition get an opportunity to invest for their families such that they have something to benefit from after their demise. This greatly helps the family, as it is almost certain that hospital bills will be settled.
  • The policy is issued in the shortest time possible and it means that your cover will be completed faster than in a normal policy, which takes time as professionals pore through the medical results and determine how much you should pay depending on the medical conditions you might or might not have.
  • Despite your health, you are still qualified to get benefits; a situation that was not possible before the launch of this product.
  • The product comes with a substantial cover that can be used as inheritance by your beneficiaries or to clear medical bills and other expenses after it matures.