Benefits of Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

Every person needs to have a life insurance cover in order to ensure that their future is secure. You have to search for a company that is in a position to meet all your insurance needs. Many covers require a health examination but it is possible to get life insurance without a medical exam. Some firms offer this cover to ease getting insurance for a large number of people.

When you buy this policy, there are a number of benefits that you will experience. The first one is that the process of applying is short because there are no medical checkups and results to wait for. All that you have to do is fill in an application form. The application process usually takes a few minutes and by the end of the day, you will be done with it.

Most insurance firms usually charge higher rates when it comes to giving out covers to people who have health issues. To avoid such a situation, go to the life insurance without a medical exam firms. Compare their rates, and through this, it is possible to get an affordable policy. You can then be able to pay your premiums on time.

In case of death, there is a guaranteed assurance that your next of kin will get the benefits. Beneficiaries are usually spared from a long wait and tiresome process to get their claims. They can clear you debts and take care of funeral expenses using the cover. The remaining amount can be used to take care of regular family needs.

There is the convenience of applying for the cover online and getting the results within 24 hours. You are given an online application form and required to provide accurate information when filling it. Applying online saves you a lot of time because there are no long queues and there is less paper work. It is a very efficient process.

Life insurance with no medical exam has a long policy range. It is possible to save up to twenty years. This can be a long-term savings strategy for prime years. By the time you are reaching retirement age, you will have enough finance to take care of your daily expenses. In case you pass on, the money could be enough to take care of your family.

It is vital to read through all the terms and conditions of the cover. This eases your understanding of how it works and the payable amount of interest. There are insurance advisers who can help you learn more about the covers. Get all the necessary information on life insurance with no medical exam before applying. This way, there is going to be few cases of confusion when it comes to making payments.

Will I Qualify for Medical Insurance?

The answer to whether you’ll qualify for medical insurance depends on a few things. It depends mostly on what type of medical aid you’re after. There are many types of insurance policies that ask for varying qualifications from their owners. Generally, you’ll be evaluated according to your health and financial conditions. Expect that you’ll be asked some questions so that the insurers can determine whether you are eligible for the insurance that you’re applying for.

Information that they will be getting are the following:

  • Your characteristics such as age, weight, height, gender, etc.
  • your occupation and where you work; your habits and lifestyle
  • your health status and medical history
  • information about your doctor and your medical checkups
  • and other crucial factors.

To make things easier for you, you can read the qualifications of an insurance policy before applying for it. You may request this list of qualifications from the provider of the insurance or read about it from their website.

What happens after being evaluated is that you’ll get a medical insurance policy that’s been modified according to what they discover about you. If you have many illnesses or if you have a risky life in general, you will be given a more expensive insurance policy. Otherwise, there will be some of your conditions that they will not provide protection for. This shouldn’t discourage you from acquiring a policy however, because even though your policy may not support you with all of your medical expenses, you’ll be greatly helped by significant discounts from your medical bills.

If you are an employer, you can get medical insurance for you as well as your workers. However, you must have proof that you are operating a business legally by presenting the required documents such as your business license, permits, certifications, etc. Ask your insurance provider about what you need to give so that you’ll be granted the medical insurance for you and your team. You will be asked to pay for your employees as well as yourself so set aside a portion of the company’s budget for it.

If you are employed, ask whether you can get medical insurance. Usually, companies automatically insure their employees. If this is so, you’ll have the insurance without having to apply for it yourself. You are automatically eligible to receive it because you are insured as an employee. However, there are some types of medical aids that covers even those who have become unemployed. The most important qualification for this type of insurance is that you can still afford to pay for it even though you have lost your job. Ask for the other qualifications from the provider of this insurance type.

There is kind of medical aid insurance that works for the long term. This insurance plan has more qualifications than the regular type, but you are lucky if you have it because you won’t have to worry too much about your medical bills. You may not be eligible for long term medical insurance if you have serious health conditions, or if you don’t have enough money to pay for the premiums.

If you are rejected from having this insurance policy, or any other policy for that matter, do not give up because there’s a medical insurance plan that’s perfect for you.

The Three Greatest Benefits Of Annual Medical Checkups

Have you been consistent with your medical checkups? If not, then you are missing a lot. Going for your annual checkup has many benefits for your body. If you have a good doctor and have identified an affordable hospital that you can get an annual medical checkup at, then you have to get to consistent with all your doctor’s appointments. Here are some reasons why you want to make sure you get your medical done.

· Affordability

Getting a medical checkup is a very affordable way to keep healthy. First, you only have to pay for it once a year. If you have insurance cover though, it will even be cheaper. Some people argue that they need to pay for the medical before they can actually get an insurance cover. Today however, there are options that involve you getting cover for term life insurance with no medical exam. This will give you an upper edge and allow you to get your annual checkups.

· Knowledge

It is difficult to understand the body and how it functions. In some cases, you may feel fit and look like you are in great condition. Nevertheless, you would be surprised that your body is actually sick internally and developing bad complications. To find out how your body is doing and be aware constantly on whether you are sick or healthy, you need to get a medical done every year. With annual checkups, your doctor will be in a position to keep track of how your body is fairing on and advice you on what to do to stay healthy.

· Physician

When you and your doctor have constant communication and always keeping touch, then you have the benefit of having a doctor on call. If ever you get sick or you have an accident, you doctor would be in a position to know everything about your body and get on top of things. Medicals help since you develop a relationship with your physician, which is actually a priceless relationship because you need to have constant medical security. Choosing not to develop a relationship with a doctor is more expensive and time-consuming in the end should something happen to you. This is because a lot of test would have to be done on your body to determine your health status. Be wise and go for all of your medicals so that the safety of your health and future are assured.

Issues With the No Medical Exam Life Insurance

One of the greatest inconveniences associated with getting insurance is the medical checkup. Many insurance providers have realized this and thus, they have started offering plans for those who are unable or unwilling to undergo a thorough medical examination prior to getting coverage. Therefore, no medical exam life insurance plans are gaining popularity in the market place. However, many insurance shoppers are not aware these plans exist, while others are very skeptical about them often terming them as “scams” or “fake”. Insurance plans that do not demand medical exams are very real, in addition to being very useful. These plans offer a convenient and fast process of getting insurance coverage.

· No medical exam

As the name suggests, the no medical exam life insurance plans do not require prior medical exams. Medical examinations are a standard requirement for traditional plans. By skipping medical exams, insurance applicants save many hours because they do not have to spend time driving and waiting at the doctors room. Therefore, people with pre-existing medical conditions and seniors can be qualified for this type of plan a lot easier. These types of plans have a downside in the sense that they are more expensive than regular plans. They are normally seen as a last resort for insurance shoppers who cannot access any medically underwritten policy. However, the plan is beneficial for anyone looking for coverage immediately and without a fuss.

· Have pre-existing condition

A pre-existing medical condition often refers to a health problem that was diagnosed, treated or investigated; or any signs and symptoms that were relied upon to lead to a diagnosis; or an event that caused a claim to occur. If you have any pre-existing medical condition, you stand to benefit from a good plan. By purchasing such a plan, most of your insurance needs will be covered. Furthermore, getting this type of a policy is easy and convenient. This type of polices benefits both the insurance provider and the insurance applicant. Therefore, those who have any pre-existing condition, such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and more, can get an appropriate coverage at competitive rates.

· Health questions

Holders of no medical exam life insurance may end up paying greater premiums because of the related insurance risks associated with these kinds of plans. However, in some instances, applicants may be required to fill out a health questionnaire, which helps a great deal in reducing their premiums. The questionnaire can be filled at the point of making the initial application or 2-3 years down the lane, upon receiving coverage. This allows the insurance provider to access the risks they will be carrying once an applicant receives coverage or to review the terms.

Health Insurance – A Security Against Medical Emergencies

You might have heard of the old saying,” Health is Wealth” which seems a simple sentence but its significance and meaning is so deep which says that the wealthiest thing you will ever own is good health. Being an extremely rich doesn’t do you much good if your health isn’t good and you can’t enjoy the money. Rich or poor, health is the one thing that all of us try to aim for because our happiness lies in our good health. Of course money do matters since we human beings has always strived to find money sources but a proper health is one of the most precious possessions we can have in this world. It is a treasure we should always remember to protect and take good care of & thus today health has become equivalent to the value of wealth. Though we cannot do much to prevent what is going to happen but by taking up precautionary measures, we can definitely protect the wealthiest thing of our life i.e. health. Thus it becomes so much important that we secure ourselves with a reliable health insurance plan.

Health Insurance – What is it?

Health insurance is nothing but a protection, a scheme that takes care of a person’s health when accidental and sudden medical emergencies occur. In other words, it will provide a cover to you and your family against sudden medical emergency. Here the insured person is expected to pay a specific premium amount regularly to utilize coverage benefits. Depending on the premium paid, the health insurance policy will pay specified amounts for the medical expenses incurred to overcome the health problem.

Your health insurance policy is going to be your security, which would pay for medical expenses if you face an emergency; including disability or long-term nursing, depending on the plan you choose. Thus you can rest assured that unexpected expenses in case of medical emergencies will never find you helpless.

Why Health Insurance?

Health is an asset as we all know. We are happy, only if we are healthy. Thus here arises the need of an health insurance. Also, medical expenses have sky rocketed these days. An appointment with a doctor might churn out your big bucks. The detailed medical treatment expenses could eat into your savings meant for the future. Thus health insurance policy kicks in to ensure that you get the required treatment and your pocket is still under control.

Health insurance is required when an individual is ill or requires medical checkups. It can prevent the patient from being expected to pay out of pocket expenses towards medical bills because they do not have any health insurance. Without health insurance, one may even not be able to afford expensive medical services when needed.

Benefits of Health Insurance:-

If you are taking care of all your expenses on your own then it is a wise decision to buy an individual health policy. Ideally you should look for the following benefits that these health policies give like:-

  • It provides coverage for your hospitalization and medical bills
  • It reduces saving huge amount of financial losses, risk of financial breakdown in case of expensive medical and post-illness care.
  • It induces a sense of financial security to the insured & his family members.
  • It also provides a monthly benefit to help maintain financial stability while you recover from a disability.

Thus health insurance can help you and your loved ones to maintain the same lifestyle. It can pay the bills, secure better health care and allow you to focus on what’s important-recovery.

Types of Health Insurance:-

There are mainly three types of Health Insurance covers:

1. Group insurance : Group medical insurance offers insurance cover to a group with a common trait – it may be employees of a company, members of a club or an association or members of a co-operative society etc. Many employers now provide medical insurance as a perquisite to their employees.

2. Individual Mediclaim : This is the simplest form of health insurance policy & caters to the specific needs of an individual. It covers the hospitalization expenses for an individual for up to the sum assured limit. The insurance premium is dependent on the sum assured value.

3. Family Floater Policies : These policies are enhanced version of the mediclaim policy. A floater is a unique plan wherein the value of sum insured opted can be used by all the members of the family i.e each opted family member comes under the policy. The premium for family floater plans is typically less than that for separate insurance cover for each family member. Family floater makes sense for a family because each one in family gets a big cover.

Before going for a health policy, you need to research and understand them well. It would be a good idea to visit the sites of the various health insurance companies online to understand what they offer. You could take this one step further by meeting up with the agents of the various insurance companies, who would then advise you on what health policy is available with them and how that can be matched to your requirements.

Thus it is important to secure yourself with a reliable & strong health policy as it is the need of the hour because there are many hazards around you that might hinder your good health. You cannot buy ‘health’ but can stay secure by buying health insurance policy of your choice to face any medical emergency. So, go get the right health plan and secure yourself.